Blooming Rose

Blooming Rose

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Red Sun At Night - Part II - And Something New

I have wonderful house guests right now and a few days ago we were driving home from
antiquing/thrifting in Santa Barbara.  I stopped to take a few pictures and remembered
that last May I had done a post about pretty much the same thing.  So if you will forgive
me, because I do have several house guests and need to spend time with them, I will
include some of the same things I wrote several months ago.  I have added several more
tidbits and more pictures. I know I should be writing about fall but it is over 100 degrees
in Southern California right now so we are holding on to summer a bit longer.

It was a glorious, sunny and warm day. My guests and I were late in leaving Santa
Barbara after a lovely day of antiquing/thrifting so we decided to take the coast road
home instead of the freeway to avoid the late afternoon traffic.

Actually, my intention was to show my guests the changes in the sky as the sun would
begin to set.  We were not is a rush.  I guess the surfers around Malibu were not in a
rush either.

The sun was still bright and a wind had kicked up. We passed lots of surfers but our
attention was drawn to the beautiful kites and those people flying above the water on

The kite surfers!


We had to pull over and watch these athletes letting the wind pull them around the
ocean with only a kite above them and just a board at their feet. The strength these
guys have is amazing. They surf the ocean and a minute later they are jumping up in
the air as they maneuver kites so they can fly over the water.

 It is truly incredible to watch these extreme sportsmen. I was absolutely in awe of their
strength. We were totally mesmerized as they lifted up in the air..

Exhausted at the end of the flight...

As we drove along I could tell the sky was beginning to change and the sun was casting
shadows and a glimmer on the ocean water.

It seemed like every time we looked toward the ocean the sky was beginning to 
change hue...

Slowly but surely...

Now it was more and more difficult to keep our eyes on the road because our attention
was on the magic light show taking place in the sky. Finally, we just gave up trying to drive.

We quickly parked the car, sat back and enjoyed another magnificent sunset over the
Pacific Ocean.

It certainly looks like the sun is begining to fall from the sky...

A big round ball coming to earth...

Lower and lower...

Kissing the mountains...

And now the sun is saying goodnight with a glow behind the mountains...

Another sweet gift in life.  A gigantic Thank You to Mother Nature!

As they say, "red sun at night sailors delight".  Tomorrow will be a delight for
surfers, sailors, kite surfers and perfect for me to work with my roses.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Quick Stop At Santa Monica Antique Mart

A friend and I met for lunch and decided to stop in at the Santa Monica Antique Mart.
It is not one of the places that I go to often. I decided to take a few pictures so that
you might take a peek inside the store.  As you will notice the spaces are very close
together so unfortunately it was difficult to get a wide or tall picture.

I fell in love with these two-toned alabaster pair of table lamps. I think they are
absolutely exquisite.
I have not seen many two-toned alabaster lamps.

I also really like the other alabaster lamps standing next to the two-toned...

One of my favorite pieces of the day is this bisque lamp laden with grapes. It has a
marble base and I thought you would really enjoy seeing it.  I wish I had been able
to get a tall picture of it because the shade is perfect with the lamp, but people were
working and redesigning all around it so I just had to snap while I could.

A few more pieces...

Dogs hand carved of stone...

A touch of  Roseville...
Just imagine...
A Hand Painted Screen with Bamboo...

  A Large Map Of Paris...hanging from the rafters...

Masks In A Frame...

Another Favorite...An Old Metal Ship Box...

Did anything catch your eye?

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Chateau de Fleurs Marketplace

The lovely and talented artist Christie Repasy is again hosting the
Chateau de Fleurs Studio and Marketplace event this coming
Friday and Saturday , September 17th and 18th.

You will want to visit Christie's blog Chateau de Fleurs  for more
information and see some of the pretty things she has been working
on for her own home. And, you will be able to see Christie in the
October issue of Romantic Homes magazine.

Christie and Rita Reade of Mammabellarte and 24 other creative vendors
have been working non-stop to prepare for this fun sale.  I attended last time
and found all kinds of wonderful treasures.  It's lots of fun and I know you
will enjoy yourself.

Chatuau de Fleurs Studio & Marketplace
September 17th and 18th
1524 S. Hill Avenue
Fallbrook, California 92028
9am - 5pm

Christie was kind enough to send these pictures for a sneak peek...

Have fun!