Blooming Rose

Blooming Rose

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Early Autumn Roses

To be honest, I started to do a post about something else but at the last minute
I decided that the roses in my garden are so beautiful right now that I had to
show some of them to you...

I took all these photos a few days ago and truly feel the roses are celebrating the last
beautiful days of their late summer/early autumn blooms before coming back again in
a few weeks with their smaller, but still lovely, fall blooms.

This week the roses seem to be especially spectacular with a riot of beautiful
colors and blooms.
As you can see, I'm really not in any rush for autumn and winter because those
months seem to last so long.  I feel very fortunate that here in Southern California
our roses will bloom into early November. 
I hope you enjoy seeing these last days of late summer/early autumn roses.

I hope you have a wonderful week!

I will be joining Rose Vignettes for Fresh Cut Friday.
I will be joining How Sweet The Sound for Pink Saturday.