Blooming Rose

Blooming Rose

Sunday, January 30, 2011

A House In The Trees & Thank You

Yesterday I visited the CALM Antique Show in Santa Barbara and after that met a
friend for cup of tea in Montecito.  While driving around Montecito I spied a couple
of very creative and artistic treehouses.  They really caught my eye!  Although I 
didn’t stop to take pictures I really was not able to get their beauty out of my mind.

I remembered reading about a man who’s business is to create wonderful treehouses.
His name is Roderick Romero and he is the guru of treehouse creations. Some celebrities
who have commissioned Mr. Romero to build treehouses for them include Sting,
Donna Karan, Val Kilmer, Julianne Moore and many other’s including CEO’s of large

Sting’s treehouse, in Tuscany, is built on a century old oak tree with  copper and found
wood from the land around the old oak tree, on the edge of a private lake. A huge copper
sundial was built into the floor of the treehouse and Romero, with interior designer wife
Anisa,  designed stained glass windows for the 190 sq. foot abode. It is named
Casa Del Sole Di Mezzanote.

(Sorry, magazine pictures don't always copy well)

And designer Donna Karan’s treehouse has a bridge to take you to the house in the
trees.  It also includes an Australian musical instrument built into the wall where you blow
into the mouth piece that goes up a tube that is inside the wall and resonates throughout the
entire structure.

Here are a few other wonderful treehouses...

This two story structure will be one of several in a Costa Rican treehouse

Val Kilmer’s house in the trees...

A tri level treehouse...

Santa Barbara treehouse...

Lantern house in the trees in Santa Monica...

Romero is New York based and has a band called Sky Cries Mary. He has designed
dozens of treehouses scattered from Montecito, California to Tuscany, Italy.  All are
said to be fully functional with electricity, kitchens and plumbing.

I must admit, I never would have thought of doing a post on treehouses but for the fact
of seeing the spectacular treehouses in Montecito.

Now, my question is...Do you have a treehouse?

I also want to thank so many of you who left comments and sent lovely emails regarding
my kitty.  Unfortunately, he passed away. He lived a long and happy life until the age of
27, which really is quite remarkable.  He came to live with us 26 ½ years ago when the
people he was living with decided to move away and abandon him. He was the sweetest 
little guy and I certainly do miss him. I thank you all for your kind wishes for him. It has
been a sad time for me and I thank you for your generous kindness and understanding.

Monday, January 17, 2011

My Spring Fever Continues!

Well, the weather has certainly cooperated with my Spring Fever!  We have had
beautiful sunny warm days in Southern California with temperatures around 80!
Believe me, this is not the normal weather for this time of year, we are usually in the
50's and 60’s.  However, I have been totally enjoying this burst of early spring to
feed my spring fever.

Recently I visited a wonderful antique store named A Beautiful Mess and had a lovely
conversation with the owner, Kymberely Fraser of 3 Fine Grains.  If you are in
the Southern California area I know you will enjoy a visit to A Beautiful Mess in Agoura. 
I only wish I had had my camera with me. Next time, for sure!  It is a very lovely store.

Because it was such gorgeous weather I also spent some time outdoors in Malibu. I
guess everyone else decided to do the exact same thing.  It was so nice to see so many
people out playing in the sand and surf.

The famous Malibu Pier...

Even though the surf was mellow the surfers lined up waiting for the next wave...

The Lifeguard patroled the beach...

The red sand of the Malibu cliffs was showing a little green...

Children were frolicking in the sand and sea...

Bright colorful umbrellas were making an appearance...

But just turn your head in the other direction and you are reminded that it is still January
and this spring fever will soon disappear for another few weeks...

Later, I went to visit a friend and passed by a park where many people were also
enjoying the beautiful weather...

Playing soccer...

A baseball game...

Yes, all signs of spring!

I also saw four Monarch butterflies but didn’t have my camera ready...definitely a sign of
spring!  And,  I think the birds are beginning to get their summer cottages ready...

Yes, I definitely have spring fever.  However, I know this will be short-lived because
temperatures will fall back to normal in a few days.  They say that next month is going to
be very rainy for us.  Oh well, spring will follow and we will all be enjoying the gorgeous
weather again.

I hope you have a wonderful week.

PS... Please know that even if you haven't heard from me I am reading your blogs. 
I have been working long hours on a project and also, my kitty (who is 27 years
old!) has been very ill for the last week so I have not had the time to leave comments.
But please know that I have been reading and enjoying your blogs.  You will start
hearing from me again soon.  Thanks so much for understanding.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Is It Too Early For Spring Fever?

I should be embarrassed!  But it’s official....I have Spring Fever!  It’s only January and
here I am ready for spring. I should be celebrating winter!  But our month of December
was so stormy and now we finally have some sunshine so I feel that I’ve already had
enough winter and it's time for spring!
I have even visited a nursery...or two or three.  And I’ve stopped by a few garden
centers too.  The new bareroot roses are beginning to come in but the selections are
slim right now so I will have to wait a few weeks. It’s not like I’m in a hurry or anything!!!

I added a few fresh cut flowers from the farmers market around my house.

And a few hydrangeas that I have dried...

But I was still missing all the green after taking down my Christmas decorations on
January 2nd.

Then, I was visiting the lovely French-Kissed blog and was inspired by her beautiful
post(all her posts are beautiful)about succulents.  Perfect, I have lots of succulents and
she has inspired me to bring them indoors and replant them in all kinds of different vessels.

First I brought my succulent wreath indoors.  It usually lives on a table outside.

A couple of small cups...

I love these old little pots...they are so fragile.  Perfect for these delicate little plants...  

And maybe a little crystal...

And finally, a little burst of color to perk up the winter blahs...

My plantings don't compare to the artistic French-Kissed so I hope you will stop by her
exquisite blog and see what unique and beautiful things she has done with her succulents.
So very inspiring.  Hmm, maybe I’m not the only one who is ready for spring.

I feel better now and think I can hold on until it is officially spring to really start my

Now, I know all of this probably sounds crazy to those of you living in areas covered
with snow and ice right now.  But I know around February/March you will be
experiencing these exact same symptoms.

Outside, I have cut back my roses and I am looking forward to the first new growth.

Have you had a taste of early Spring Fever this year?