Blooming Rose

Blooming Rose

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Awarded...Now It's Your Turn...

*Edited to include the rules...which I had forgotten to include the first time!

Last October, Debra from Acquired Objects honored me by passing on
The Versatile Bloggers Award.

But at the time I was very involved in a project so I'm embarrassed to say that I am
just passing it along now. 

I thank Debra and I am certain you will want to visit her beautiful blog Acquired Objects
and see all the creative and fabulous things she has been doing with her carriage barn. It
truly is fabulous. Debra is a wonderfully creative person!

Now, one of the things we have been asked to do is share 7 things about ourselves that
you might not know.  So, here goes...

1.  I love music...all kinds of music.  In the morning while going to work I listen to popular
music and on the way home I listen to classical music.  For classic music I especially love
choral music, it's like listening to the angels sing.
2.  I can't carry a tune to save my life!
3.  I work in tv.  I used to be in production and specialized in(what else?)music shows. 
I have been fortunate enough to have worked with everyone from Pavarotti to Streisand
to Marvin Gaye to James Brown...and the hundreds in between. 
4.  I wake up early every day around 5:30am but stay in bed until 6am or so.
5.  I am active in animal rescue.
6.  I grew up with antiques and learned through osmosis from my wonderful parents.
7.  Years ago, in between show productions, I used to design closets for a large closet
company.  I would work on a show and as soon as it wrapped I would design closets
until my next show started...aah, the freelance life!

Now the second part of this award is to pass it along.  This is the difficult part because
there are so many wonderful bloggers but I have to pass it on to just 10 bloggers in hopes
that they will also pass it along...

I hope you will all have a chance to visit these lovely blogs. 

*Here are the rules I forgot to state:

1. Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to their post.
2. Choose ten blogs to nominate and let them know by leaving a comment.
3. Request the chosen blogs pass the award on to another 10 blogs.
4. Copy and paste the award on your blog.
5. List seven things about yourself that we might not know.

Have a wonderful day.

*Note to above listed: Please remember this is just to recognize and compliment you. 
There is no obligation to you. I know some of you don't have time or may be award free
so please do not feel obligated. Blogging is suppose to be fun. 

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Where Women Cook & Create-Jennifer Lanne

Jennifer Lanne is not only a fabulous artist but the girl can cook too! 

The latest issue of Where Women Cook features Jennifer in her wonderful old
farmhouse kitchen in upstate New York.

Jennifer attended culinary school but soon found it was all about the aesthetics, the
visual...painting and decorating.  Now a well known artist and seasoned cook, Jennifer
brings her creativity to both her studio and her kitchen.

Your eyes are not deceiving you...yes, those are beautiful hand-painted cookies...

Her latest painting "A Fragile Harvest" is featured inside the back cover...

I want to thank Jen O'Connor of Earth Angels for letting me borrow these wonderful
photos from the magazine.  Jen is the founder and owner of Earth Angels and, as you
can see, a wonderful photographer.

I had the pleasure of spending a bit of time with Jennifer Lanne and Jen O'Connor when
they were last in California for the "heART of Winter" event.  I kept wishing we had more
time because it was so much fun visiting with them.  The place was packed and everyone
was enchanted with Jennifer's art and the Where Women Cook and Where Women Create
group.  Jo Packman, the creator and editor-in-chief of the magazines was also there
answering a million questions.  They are all fabulous women!

Jennifer Lanne and Jen O'Connor...

You can also see Jennifer Lanne in the lastest issue of Romantic Country magazine...

You can see some of Jennifer's wonderful art at my previous post here.
And you can find Jennifer's site here.

And you can find Jen O'Connor at EarthAngelsToys here.

I also want to mention that Jennifer's husband, metal sculptor Dick Lanne(here)will
be featured in an upcoming issue of the new FOLK magazine.

All photos courtesy Jen O'Connor

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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Winter Succulents

As the lovely roses start to fade for a bit of a winter's rest...

The hardy succulents continue to thrive...

With all their many varieties...



And colors...

They are happy in a rustic setting...

Or a bit more formal...

Along with a statue of Bernadette...

purchased from Atelier De Campagne...

So while other flowers are taking a bit of a rest, succulents
have captured my heart...

However,  until my roses return in full bloom, I must always
have some pink flowering near my door...

I hope you all have a wonderful week!

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