Blooming Rose

Blooming Rose

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Looking For A New Style For A House On The Beach

I have been helping a friend decide on a decorating style for his house on the beach.  He
has tired of his all white look and wants something new with a little color but still beachy
with a tropical feel.

Right now we are working on the bedroom and an inside balcony area.

I would like your opinion, please.

Remember, he wants a very beachy/tropical feel to his place. The question you
think these colors and the look are too feminine for a man’s beachfront home?

I like the symmetry of this room. I think the cane and rattan headboard can be very
masculine.  Do you think making the lampshades and the roll pillows a darker blue
would make it more masculine? Or, do you think it’s fine for a man just the way it is?

The next picture is of an indoor balcony/loft area. I like the upholstered wedges that can
be pushed together for an ottoman.  Do you think the colors are too feminine...remember,
it is at the beach? I was thinking maybe not using the middle round table and pushing the
ottoman together and just having a narrow side table would look good.  That way the
wedges can still be separated for extra seating if necessary.

This next picture happens to be the look I thought would really work. I love the
grasscloth walls and the driftwood floor lamp would be perfect for the beach.  The
problem with this room is that he doesn’t like green(but that can easily be changed to
another color) and he doesn’t like grasscloth or any covering on the wall.  Oh well.

What’s your opinion, are the rooms too feminine or fine for any house on the beach?
I would love to know.

(All photos courtesy of Coastal Living magazine)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Oh, What A Beautiful Morning...I Can Even See Catalina Island!

We have been having lots of rain in Southern California this past week but today was
beautiful.  In an effort to ease my eager spring fever I decided I would take a few
pictures while on my walk this morning. 
Our beautiful white flowering pear trees lost all their blossoms in the heavy wind and
rain of the last few days but the flowering plum trees are still quite lovely.

The Magnolia trees are beginning to bloom...

Some of the spring flowers are also beginning to blossoms too. Like this Calla Lily and
Bird of Paradise.  You can still see the raindrops...

After the walk I met a friend for breakfast. He is leaving to go to France for a few
weeks so we decided to meet in Santa Monica because it was a glorious crystal clear
morning.  I looked toward the mountains and was surprised how snow covered they are.
They are about 2 hours away. That’s one of the wonderful things about California, you
have the Pacific Ocean on one side of you and the snow covered peaks on the other.

Here are some of the snow covered peaks...remember they are about 2 hours away...

Look, you can even see the famous Hollywood Sign below the mountains...

But I was headed to a restaurant near the Pacific Ocean. The sky and water was so
blue today...

Even though it was very early (he had to catch an early flight) people were already at
play and enjoying this beautiful clear crisp weather...

And sailing...

It was so clear you could see Catalina Island which is 26 miles across the sea! There’s
a bit of morning haze but the island can still be seen...

Those of you who used to watch the show Baywatch will recognize this beach.
This is where they filmed that show...

Looking toward Malibu...

Well, getting back to my spring fever...I have put some flowering branches in a vase and
I was hoping they would be flowering by now. But they are just beginning to bud.
Oh well, I love the branches and once the flowers bloom they will look extra beautiful...

Kathysue of Good Life of Design recently wrote a wonderful post about decorating with
branches. Her post also included some beautiful images you can view here.

Also helping with my spring fever is this lovely orchid that friends gave me when my kitty
died. It is a soft yellow that definitely speaks spring...

I also added a couple of vases of roses because they were on sale at Trader Joe’s for
only $3.99 a dozen. Who could resist!

And yes, my dried hydrangeas also remind me spring will bring fresh flowers...

What are you doing to help with your spring fever?  Do you ever decorate with flowering
branches?   I would love to hear your spring fever tips!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Going To A Garden Party

Well, I have put on my sun hat and I’m joining Sarah’s Garden Party at
Modern Country Style.  Here are a few of my peonies from last spring.
I hope they cheer you up on a cold winter’s day....And I’m looking forward
to seeing the new peonies this spring!

My heart goes out to all of you who are suffering with more snow and freezing
temperatures.  Hopefully Modern Country Style's garden party will cheer you
and be a reminder that spring will eventually get here.

Hope to see you there.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

She's Back...

Last November I posted about my friend, Stephanie Lloyd. Well, just after I posted about
her, her wonderful antique and design business became overwhelmingly busy with the
holiday rush and she didn’t have time to blog.

But now she’s back and has been doing some wonderful posts that I think you will enjoy.
The picture at the top of this blog is on her snowy property at home.

This barn is also on her property and one of three that are filled with antiques waiting to go
to her store or be lovingly restored by her husband, Ken.

Recently, Stephanie has been doing her interior design work on an old Craftsman style
home in Vermont.  She will be showing you lots more but here is just a peek...

Her wonderful store is filled with all kinds of fabulous treasures.  This is a view looking
in the window...

She changes the window and store interior often.  Here is a peek inside...

This is all just a hint of what Stephanie will be showing and talking about on her blog.

If you have a chance please stop by and visit Stephanie's site and click on her blog tab.
If you leave a comment, please say hi for me.  Here's a little secret...Stephanie loves
Christmas and is just now taking down her decorations which she blogged about this
morning!!!  So be sure to scroll down and read her last couple of  non-Christmas blogs
too!  She makes me laugh.

I know you will love her and enjoy what she has to say and show you.

I hope you are all keeping warm and cozy.

(All pictures courtesy of Stephanie Lloyd)