Blooming Rose

Blooming Rose

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Maybe You Can Solve The Mystery!

I wandered out to the backyard this morning after a night of rain.  I was delighted
to find that the roses against the back wall are still in bloom.  It certainly brought a
smile to my face and heart.

But, the mystery is that no one knows the name of this pretty rose.  I have six of
this variety in the back and four in the front yard.  My neighbors have told me the
bushes were planted sometime between 1946 and 1950! 
It certainly is a hardy rose.

Now, here’s the other mystery.  They are very fragrant but no one can define
the fragrance. When the roses first start opening they have a somewhat fruity
scent but once they are fully open the scent is of a strong floral.
My entire neighborhood loves the roses but no one knows the name or can
accurately define the scent.

Here are pictures right after the rain...

Some of the buds appear darker at first...

You can get an idea of the foliage...

As I was about to post this I noticed the sun had come out briefly so I ran out
to take a few more pictures of the rose with a little less moisture..  I know I'm
showing you too many pictures of the same roses but I really want to solve this

I have taken the roses with the foliage to a nursery(well, actually two)and the
only thing they have said is "it's definitely an old rose"...well, I already kind of
knew that!

If you have any idea as to the name of this rose, I am open to suggestions.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Textures of Autumn

All of a sudden Autumn has fallen upon Southern California.

Many leaves have already left the branches...

And are resting on the ground...

I really don’t decorate for seasons. But now and then I do add a few things here and
there to add a little interest.  Do you have a “Catch-all” table?  Well, I do and it is
directly outside of my kitchen.  I use it when I pull things out of the cupboards which
will be distributed later or to drop things at the end of the day.
As I mentioned in my last post I have had a bad cold and no energy whatsoever.
So, this year I gathered things and just put them on my “Catch-all” table until I had
more energy to distribute and add them to rooms.  But a few days ago a friend called
and was on her way over for a visit.  I really didn’t have time to move things around so
I just lit a couple of little candles. It looked very autumnal so I decided to show you my
“Catch-all” table and next time I will show you my softer autumnal lighter toned table.
Believe me, things never stay on the “Catch-all” table for long.  When these items are
not together on one table they certainly do not look quite so fall-ish.

I love autumn and I love that we are heading to my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving.
I adore pumpkins and I always look for just the ones I want and I hope they last
through Thanksgiving.  This year I enjoy the look of the Musque De Provence
pumpkin from France.

 As you can see, there are also small pumpkins and gourds on the table and inside a
willow cloche...

The delectable, crisp fall fruits...Apples, Pears, Grapes, Persimmons...

The glass cloche does not want to be outdone by the willow...

Autumn is certainly a season of texture...

The Autumn Hydrangia in all it's beautiful glory...

I hope you have a wonderful week and enjoy the cool weather.