Blooming Rose

Blooming Rose

Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Flower Fields

We have had a couple of weeks of lovely weather in Southern California so I took
advantage of the beautiful sunshine and warm temperatures to visit the Flower Fields
at Carlsbad Ranch.  As warm and sunny as it was, it was also quite windy.

The flower fields are extraordinary...

When I first arrived I was wondering how I was ever going to be able to show the
flowers because when you look at the fields you really don't see individual flowers,
it's more like looking at a rainbow.  In fact, I almost didn't do this post because I'm
used to showing a more defined picture of flowers but the fields are not set up to be
shown that way.  The flowers are like free spirits blowing in the wind and meant to be
seen as massive colors looking like a rainbow.

Wonderful color everywhere you look...

This is how the fields look just as they are beginning to bloom...

And then, a burst of blooms...

The flowers that are in full bloom right now are Ranunculus which are a member of
the buttercup family and native to Asia Minor. 

They really are so pretty.  Because the fields are meant to be seen as a rainbow they
have a separate area set up so you can see a few of the flowers individually as flowers
not just the rainbow.   All ruffles on the top of a thin stem...

The Ecke Family also show their famous Poinsettias, CymbidiumOrchids, a Rose Garden
and a Sweet Pea Maze which is amazing!  But that's for another time.

It turned out to be an extra special day because I ran into beautiful artist Christie Repasy
who was asked to exhibit some of her lovely works of art at the fields that day.

As you know, Christie is very well known for her gorgeous romantic rose paintings... 

Every time I see her it becomes a special day because she is absolutely lovely and

You can read about her studio Chateau De Fleurs and read her blog HERE.

If you have never been to the Flower Fields I hope someday you will be able to visit
and see the rainbows for yourself.  It really is quite unique.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Spring, Happy Easter

Spring has arrived!

Tulips of all colors in bouquets on the table...

Eggs in silver and hand dipped chocolates in Limoges...

Wishing you...

A Very Happy Easter!

PS.  Some Bunny Loves You...

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Beaches, Bluffs and Wildlife

Have you ever been to La Jolla, California?  It is a beautiful beach community in Southern
California near San Diego.  I love visiting this town not just because of the numerous art
galleries, shops and restaurants but more because of the exquisite natural surroundings.

La Jolla is seven miles of curving coastline and it is surrounded on three sides by ocean,
bluffs and beaches.  The Torrey Pines bluffs, the sandy beaches and the rugged rocky
beaches make this area very special.

I arrived late in the afternoon when the fog and mist were beginning to roll in so I didn't
have much time for taking pictures.

The area is also home of the Torrey Pines State Reserve so wildlife abounds.  The
Pelicans were gathering on the rocks and salt washed bluffs while the seals were
making their way in along the rugged coastline.

The Pelicans were flying in from a long day of hunting for food.  They have an expandable
pouch in their lower bill for scooping up fish...

The seals are hard to see because their color blends so well with the rocks...

Here you can see some seals swimming toward the beach and rocks and barking
at their pals who have already made it to shore.  I think they are telling them to move
over and make room for them.  Seals have four flippers...

This  rugged coastline has many coves and sea level caves...

The fog was really starting to roll in and I had a long drive ahead of me so it was time
for me to leave.  It seems this Pelican had the same idea...

I also want to show you what I won from a giveaway at Privet and Holly.  Suzanne had
these beautiful note cards made from photos she took.  I absolutely adore them!

Suzanne is so very lovely and talented and has an incredible gift with words. I know
you all love her blog as much as I do.  And as an extra surprise she included this
delicate and lovely bracelet in this sweet pouch.

It all came wrapped in lavender and lace.  Thank you, Suzanne.  This is absolutely
wonderful and perfect.  Many thanks!