Blooming Rose

Blooming Rose

Sunday, March 27, 2011

More Blogger Problems. I'm So Sorry!

Hi Everyone-

Well, I was trying to post pictures again and all of a sudden it said the post
was "Published"!  However, I had not published it.  It did it all on its own
and the post was far from ready or complete.  I hit delete as soon as I could
get to that page.
So, as you can see, I am having major blogger problems and I will not be
posting tonight.  I am so frustrated!
Hopefully I will be able to post within the next few days.  I'm so sorry...this
is beyond my control.

Many thanks.

Sorry!!! Blogger Problems

Hi Everyone-

I am so sorry but I have been having Blogger problems.  I tried to post yesterday but
my pictures kept disappearing.  I tried to post three different times.  First I had trouble
accessing my pictures and then when I finally got them on the post, they would
disappear about 10 minutes later!  Then everytime I would click on the "Insert Image"
icon the "Link" icon would appear and get stuck. And finally, it published without
me clicking on "Publish Post".   What nerve!  It was a mess and I had to delete it. 
I'm exhausted!

I will try to post again later today or tomorrow.  

Thanks.  See you later.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Mermaid Gave Birth To New Friendships!

Because I have spring fever I have been thinking a lot about my garden and what I
might want to add this summer.
Over the last several months I have shown pictures of many statues, figures, sculptures
and shells...most of which would be wonderful in a garden...

This cherub is already in my garden and was adorned with violets for last Mother's Day...
they were my mom's favorite flower...

This sculpture is over 20 feet tall...

Some figures really might not work in a garden but would be better displayed inside...

Actually, it's the lamp I really like in this picture...

Some are wonderful water features or at least make us think of water...

There happens to be one particular figure that has ended up bringing new friends together. 
It is this lovely mermaid.  The lighting was difficult that day but can you see the dolphin
under her arm?

I found her at Country Roads Antiques in Southern California and showed her to you on
my blog.  A couple of months later I was looking at La Dolfina's lovely blog and saw that
she was showing the same mermaid but up in Northern California.  It turned out to be the
same exact mermaid but she was now located up north.  Terri and I exchanged emails and
laughter and a long distance friendship was born from this mermaid.

I recently had the pleasure of meeting and spending an afternoon in Malibu with Terri of
La Dolfina and Jermaine of French Kissed. We had wonderful conversations and lots of
laughter. They are both fabulous women and have fantastic blogs.  French Kissed is one
of the beautiful blogs featured in the current issue of Romantic Homes magazine.
Oh, and by the way, Terri’s gorgeous husband Chris joined us and put up with all our
“girl talk”... talk about being a good sport!!!

I hope you are all having a wonderful week. Are you making plans for your garden this
spring?  Do you have any statues, sculptures, fountains or shells in your garden?

And, our hearts go out to everyone in Japan as we continue to hold them in our
thoughts and prayers. This has been an overwhelming tragedy.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Are You Ready To Spring Forward?

I recently stopped at the Santa Monica Antique Mart and could not escape the fact that
there were clocks ticking everywhere. Maybe I noticed it so much because I am aware
of the time change happening this weekend.  We are going to set our clocks forward
one hour at two o’clock Sunday morning...but I’ll probably do it before I go to bed on
Saturday night.

I think the picture above of the clock table is quite fun and unique. But maybe we don’t
need to be that aware of time passing so quickly. I would constantly be thinking of all
the things I had to get done before the end of the day.

Here are some other clocks that were making their tick tock voices heard today.  I
was not always able to get a full length picture because the antique store has so many
wonderful things and often there just wasn't enough space to stand back and take a
full picture. I know the overhead lighting causes a reflection on some of the faces in
the pictures, but when you are in the store it is perfect.

Here is a better look at this clock's sweet face...

This table clock is one of my favorites...

If you collect plates...

A sweet little Swedish clock.  She has a darling face and a little drawer...

A little more fancy...

A pretty little cloisenne clock

I wonder where this octagon clock lived before?  Maybe a school or market...

I believe they said this one was Danish...


There are so many styles of clocks.  It would be fun to know where each of these clocks
has lived before.  These are just a few of the many clocks in the store.
I love the fact that we are setting our clocks forward. That means more daylight hours
and spring is definitely around the corner.

Happy Spring...Forward!

PS...I apologize for taking so long in doing a new post.  I have been working hard on
decorating a beach house for someone and it has been taking all of my time.  The good
news is, he's very please with the beach far!