Blooming Rose

Blooming Rose

Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Oh So Difficult Television Set

I haven’t been out taking pictures because I’ve had a bad cold. But staying
inside reading and watching a bit of tv got me to thinking that television sets
certainly have changed in styles over the years...

Hmm, was this the original design for the microwave oven...

Progress, only one "ear" needed...

And now...

I think decorating a room that has a television set is very difficult.  I actually think for
the most part, we decorate "around" the set.  Do you feel that way"?  In what room(s)
do you have a television set?

Do you have your television mounted on the wall or on a table or maybe in an
armoir?  The newer flat screens make our choices a bit easier...

Have you done anything clever to accommodate the televison so it is not the
first thing you notice when you walk into the room?  Maybe you have a picture
or mirror that covers a wall mounted television set...

Kitchens have become a very popular place for watching television...

How about the bathroom?  Good for tub soakers...

I don't know about this one...I don't think I like the idea of mixing electricity
and water....

I think the bedroom is quite a common place for a television set...

I have a friend who made a cover for their bedroom televison so it would not play
such a big part of their bedroom decor.  I think many homes have both old and
newer styles.

Do you decorate "around" the tv or do you decorate and then add the tv to the
room?  I have found that often we want to watch shows but we really don't want to
see the set.  How about you, do you have any wonderful secrets about decorating a
room that has a television set?

When you were a young child what were your favorite television shows to watch?
Did you watch any of these...?

They say that watching television is a form of self hypnosis! They say it puts us in
a light trance that takes the pressure off our own lives for a little while. What shows
do you really enjoy watching ?   We all watch television a little (or a lot) so maybe we
will introduce each other to new shows.  How about you, what shows do you really
look forward to watching?

Thursday, October 21, 2010

A French Bateau or A Wooden Bathtub !?!

I think it all started with this picture in Country Living magazine...

 Or maybe it was this picture, also in Country Living magazine...

No,  I actually think my love of French bathrooms may have started with...

Oh,  the ceiling...the molding...the walls...the elegance!

Or,  maybe it was this more casual (delicious) Country French bath...

I do believe that was it!!!

I love French style bathrooms and tubs.  So I was all excited when friends called
last week to invite me to dinner and tell me about their new house. During the
conversation they mentioned redoing the master bath and asked if I had any ideas
for a “different” kind of bathroom.  Oh yes!!!

Well, as I was dreaming of suggesting a French style bath they informed me their
new house was really a second home up in mountains of California. They explained
it is a three level very contemporary home nestled in the pines. It sounds beautiful,
but...definitely not French.  My friend’s husband explained he wants something quite
rustic (he actually said “rough” but I interpreted that to mean “rustic”!) that would
fit in with the idea of being up in the trees. I asked if he had considered a wooden
tub. He, of course, thought I was joking and had a good laugh.  Little did he know
I wasquite serious.

So, a few days later I emailed pictures of wonderful wooden bathtubs to him. He’s
no longer laughing at me!  He is over the moon in love with the idea of a wooden tub.
Here are some of the pictures I sent to him.


Now, I just can’t seem to let the “French bathtub” thing go, so I included a picture of
this French Bateau. I think it would also work in any kind of a rustic bathroom, don’t

I’m pretty sure I know which bathtub he is going to go with.  But, I still haven't
figured out how I got involved with finding wooden bathtubs!

Is there a tub that you especially like? 

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Another Trip To Country Roads

I was so excited today when I found that I had a couple of free hours and could
drive down to Old Towne Orange and visit Sue at Country Roads Antiques. It
seems that lately everything has been rush, rush so I was so delighted to have the
time for a visit. Wandering around her shop is always so much fun. You just never
know what you are going to find.

Today was very interesting because they were setting up new displays.
Adding an architectural feel...

Sue is great. She let me take my camera and wander around so all of you could
enjoy a day at Country Roads too.

Lovely linens and velvets...

For all you mermaid lovers...

A table made of shells...

Forms come in all shapes, sizes and sexes...

Some of you were fortunate enough to go to the Alameda Flea Market a couple of
weeks ago and you may have seen this wonderful display.  A friend fell in love with
it and emailed a picture to me. I realized this beauty's home base is really here at
Country Roads but they exhibit at the wonderful Alameda Flea each month. I
certainly wish I lived closer to that flea because it’s one of the very best.

I can just see this in a garden with roses and lavender...

I actually have several more pictures and wonderful architectural pieces to
show you but blogger seems to be having some problems and I'm having difficulty
loading my photos.  They will have to wait for another time.

I hope you all have a wonderful week.