Blooming Rose

Blooming Rose

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Relaxing Afternoon

Last weekend I was getting a little worn out at catching up on chores and by Sunday
afternoon I decided to take a little break for a cup of tea...

And browse through this wonderful old book about roses...

It was published in 1914 and given to me a few years ago by my childhood (and
adulthood) friend, Stephanie Lloyd.

I love spending leisurely time with this book.  It even has a signature by a previous owner
or gift giver that is dated 1915.  The book boasts color plates and the pictures are

And,  as I was having my tea and enjoying the book my eye started wandering to some
of the antique perfume bottles I have.  My mother had a very large collection of antique
perfume bottles and when I moved out to California she would often send me one for
my birthday.  There would always be a sweet note saying something like "I was looking
at this and thought you should have it".  I thought maybe you might enjoy seeing a few too.
They are all hand blown and hand painted and very old.

The long thin bottle below was carried by Greta Garbo in the movie Ninotchka in 1939.
Unfortunately, the stopper was misplaced.

It really turned out to be a very relaxing afternoon.  Tulips, roses, dried hydrangeas and
a lovely book.  Not to mention a relaxing cup of tea.

How quickly time passes.  All of a sudden evening seemed to be setting in.

I also want to mention that if you hurry there may still be room in Jermaine's French-Kissed
Paris Shopping Spree trip.  For more details visit here or click on the notice on my sidebar. 
And remember to send me a postcard!

I hope you are enjoying your week!

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Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine Tea and Roses

I hope you are planning on having a lovely Valentine's Day.

Lately it seems the world has been moving much too quickly so I thought we might
just sit and enjoy a lovely cup of tea together.
Since Valentine's Day is known to be a day of roses...

I thought I would gather some of my rose teacups...

And, I have made a delightful pot of tea.

But because you are so special, I thought you might enjoy using my sweetheart teapot...

Which cup would you like to use?  The choice is yours...

This one happens to be my favorite and I would be honored if you would like to
use it today...

Do you take sugar and cream?

I also have some hand dipped chocolates and cupcakes for us to enjoy...after all,
it is the day of sweets!

There may even be a few hearts scattered about...

Valentine's Day really is a pretty day, isn't it?

Now, I want to hear all about you and what you have been doing lately.


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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Open To The Public...

A few weeks ago I met a friend for lunch at Trump National Golf Club.  This is Donald
Trump's beautiful club in Palos Verdes, California.  Amazingly, it is open to the public!
Bravo, Mr. Trump!  In fact, it is the only club in the Trump chain that is open to the

The location and grounds are exquisite.  It was a day when the fog lay low over the ocean

And somehow that made it feel quite magical.

I arrived early so I parked the car and just walked around the grounds and golf course.
The first sight you see is the huge American flag which you can see from almost
everywhere you walk.  When I arrived it was waving in a very misty fog.

The grounds are beautiful...

Yes, that is the Trump coat of arms on all the buildings...

The club has one of the world's finest golf courses...

At the entrance to the club you are greeted by a large fountain...

And the entrance...

You never have to  wonder what time it is because it always seems to be
"Trump National" time...

To be honest, what I liked best was that they have seen to it that the environment is quite
protectd in this exquisite area.


The Palos Verdes bluffs are always breathtaking...

It is a long hike down to the beach...


Out of respect for my friend I put my camera back in the car before we entered the club
for lunch.  She does not understand blogging and is embarrassed by all my picture taking
so back in the car it went.  However, interestingly enough, even the parking lot is fascinating.
This lovely red Ferrari with NY plates is rumored to be that of Mr. Trumps...but it's only
a rumor...and you know how rumors go!?!

(***Edited to add:  After my friend left I went back inside to take a few pictures
but they would not allow me to take any photos.  Sorry everyone!)

The parking lot was full of Ferrari's, Bentley's, Rolls Royces along with regular cars,  
SUVs, trucks, etc. 

So, all politics aside, I think it is wonderful that this club and area is open to the public.

As I was driving away(after a nice lunch)the sun was beginning to shine a bit more so
I stopped to take a few more photos of the area we had just left.  Isn't it beautiful?

Have a wonderful weekend.