Blooming Rose

Blooming Rose

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Is It Too Early For Spring Fever?

I should be embarrassed!  But it’s official....I have Spring Fever!  It’s only January and
here I am ready for spring. I should be celebrating winter!  But our month of December
was so stormy and now we finally have some sunshine so I feel that I’ve already had
enough winter and it's time for spring!
I have even visited a nursery...or two or three.  And I’ve stopped by a few garden
centers too.  The new bareroot roses are beginning to come in but the selections are
slim right now so I will have to wait a few weeks. It’s not like I’m in a hurry or anything!!!

I added a few fresh cut flowers from the farmers market around my house.

And a few hydrangeas that I have dried...

But I was still missing all the green after taking down my Christmas decorations on
January 2nd.

Then, I was visiting the lovely French-Kissed blog and was inspired by her beautiful
post(all her posts are beautiful)about succulents.  Perfect, I have lots of succulents and
she has inspired me to bring them indoors and replant them in all kinds of different vessels.

First I brought my succulent wreath indoors.  It usually lives on a table outside.

A couple of small cups...

I love these old little pots...they are so fragile.  Perfect for these delicate little plants...  

And maybe a little crystal...

And finally, a little burst of color to perk up the winter blahs...

My plantings don't compare to the artistic French-Kissed so I hope you will stop by her
exquisite blog and see what unique and beautiful things she has done with her succulents.
So very inspiring.  Hmm, maybe I’m not the only one who is ready for spring.

I feel better now and think I can hold on until it is officially spring to really start my

Now, I know all of this probably sounds crazy to those of you living in areas covered
with snow and ice right now.  But I know around February/March you will be
experiencing these exact same symptoms.

Outside, I have cut back my roses and I am looking forward to the first new growth.

Have you had a taste of early Spring Fever this year?


Pondside said...

No spring fever here yet - we had a light dusting of snow overnight, now disappeared. I love the succulent wreath and may try to make one, myself. The Great Dane has a good touch with succulents.

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita said...

These are lovely! I am officially jealous! We are covered in snow and expecting much more this week. There is usually no gardening here until Mother's Day. But I do already have spring fever. I told my husband I want to go some place warm now but we're tied to the school schedule. Oh well, I'll have to live vicariously.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I love how you potted them in the cups...totally charming!
Those are the prettiest pink roses too ~
I have spring fever bad...I just posted on dreaming about spring coming so I can make a potting shed. I can't wait for the sun and flowers again!
At least you have some spring colors to make things bright and cheery ~
sarah :)

Donna said...

I adore your potted succulents! I grow quite a few myself, and never thought to bring them in for the winter. Those little musical tea cups and saucers are just adorable! And your wreath is terrific, too! Actually, I love all of your flowers, and that gorgeous chippy white cabinet I spotted, too! I don't even allow myself to get spring fever this early, spring is a long time away here in the Midwest!

Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio said...

How lovely they are! I am not having spring fever yet. Maybe because my shoulder is in a sling from surgery and if it was spring I would be upset that I couldn't be digging in my garden!

Mona Thompson said...

It's snowing here and I'm loving it, but these images are still beautiful to me any time of year. I love roses and have become a real succulent fan. these are wonderful! Mona

Hartwood Roses said...

Spring fever will come soon enough. For now, I am enjoying the relative downtime that winter affords. I love the change of seasons. I imagine I will begin to long for spring in a few weeks, tho.

Stephanie Lloyd said...

I don't think you are crazy with your spring fever because I have the mirror image: I live in the northeast, love the cold and snow and, in March, start dreaming of and wishing for winter to hurry back. I want snow, Thanksgiving, Christmas and more snow. I want thick sweaters, fireplaces and more snow! I am happy right now in my cozy house, in my toasty duds looking at your beautiful flower arrangements. And I'm appreciating how, in many cases by reading each other's blogs, we are so enriched by each other's differences.

La Dolfina said...

I definitely have Spring Fever. Somehow I always get it right after I put away the Christmas stuff!!
Maybe because we are in California and Winter and Spring can be so similar in our state :)
I love what you've done with your farmers market flowers. I too was so inspired by French Kissed's succulent post and now I'm doubly inspired by you!! Everything looks absolutely gorgeous in your lovely vessels set about your charming abode!!
Guess I'm off to the nursery tomorrow now.
Lots of Love and I'm hoping I'll finally get to meet you later in the month!!!

Privet and Holly said...

I was just thinking
about visiting Trader
Joe's for some green,
such as a herbs for
the kitchen or a tiny
orchid, maybe some
potted bulbs....Usually
the primroses start
to come in the stores
around now, just to
taunt us : ) I am
actually quite happy
with a few winter
months and no worrying
about the weeding,er,
gardening. Sweet
succulents; very
xx Suzanne

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful post! I LOVE all of the flowers and succulents! Those little music dishes are the sweetest thing and look so pretty with the little succulents in them! Thanks for sharing your beautiful pics with us... loved them!
Have a wonderful week!
Jo :)

French-Kissed said...

Such beautiful remedies for Spring Fever! Your creations are lovely and every bit as artistic as little "creatures" with such varied personalities and so cooperative and willing to call home to almost anything we can dream those tea cups...thanks for the admiration here!


Acquired Objects said...

No spring fever here yet but I am praying we don't get 14 inches of snow tomorrow night like they say. I had to go see where you lived since I was shocked that you got to visit a nursery already, I'm so totally jealous!!!

Olive Cooper said...

It is Blue Monday here and Winter is in full flinging fury. Plus it rained inside my old house. I love those roses. I have several succulents outside but mine look yucky. Your wreath is darling and the ones in the little tea cups just adorable.

Love of the Sea said...

I am definitely ready for spring. It has been spring weather here...!! I am going to check out the French Kissed blog...thanks for sharing that. And as always - your photos are beautiful!!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

I love your pale pink rosebuds! That is my favorite color for a rose. They usually smell so sweet.

Succulents really do bring a look of spring into a home as they are so green! I love the little ones you put into the tea cups.

I have a window sill full of plants that make me feel that Spring is just around the corner. My African violets are blooming so beautifully right now!

Tricia - A Rosy Note said...

Oh, how pretty! If I didn't have spring fever already, I would've now after looking at your pretty pictures. I love the little cups :)

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

I think my spring fever starts the first of January! I went out into the garden to see if I could see any colour at all but there are no flowers yet. I can't wait for that first snowdrop. I LOVE seeing that first flower. It fills me with joy. Then spring is *really* on her way. Yay!


Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

I think my spring fever starts the first of January! I went out into the garden to see if I could see any colour at all but there are no flowers yet. I can't wait for that first snowdrop. I LOVE seeing that first flower. It fills me with joy. Then spring is *really* on her way. Yay!


Acquired Objects said...

Yes we're getting a huge snowstorm so enjoy those roses and succulents for me to please!

Rene said...

It is perfectly fine to have spring fever and also perfectly fine to surround yourself with natural beauty by bringing the outdoors in. Your images are all so lovely and I would love to try growing those little succulents. From everything I have read about them, they are fairly easy going, no? Hen & chickens are the only ones I have tried though it has been a while. I hope you are well.


Melissa Miller said...

I adore spring and the warmth. The succulents are unique and pretty. We had some last spring for the first time and they did well. I'm ready and waiting!

Happy Sunday to you!
~Melissa :)

Kathysue said...

I did the same thing last week and bought some lavender Primula to add to my white and red cyclamen left from Christmas. I will be removing the red cyclamen outside and adding pink after Valentines day. It felt so good to be outside in the air and planting flowers. There is nothing like being outside and enjoying nature. I love your succulents and they will be the perfect pop of green in your lovely home.
I am with Terri, hope, hope, hope we get to meet at the end of the month!! Kathysue