Blooming Rose

Blooming Rose

Friday, May 28, 2010

Red Sun At Night...

A few days ago I was driving home from antiquing/thrifting in Santa Barbara...but more
on that later.  It was a glorious, sunny and warm day.  I was late in getting started so I
decided to take the coast road instead of the freeway as to avoid the late afternoon traffic.

Actually, my intention was to watch the changes in the sky as the sun would begin to set. 
I was not in a rush.  I guess the surfers around Malibu were not in a rush either.

As I drove along I could tell the sky was beginning to change and the sun was casting
shadows and a glimmer on the ocean water.

It seemed like every time I looked toward the ocean the sky was beginning to change hue...

Slowly but surely...

Now it was more and more difficult to keep my eyes on the road because my attention
was on the magic light show taking place in the sky. Finally, I just gave up trying to drive.
I quickly parked the car, sat back and enjoyed another magnificent sunset over the
Pacific Ocean.

Is the sun falling from the sky...?
It looks like a big round ball coming to earth...
It's getting lower...
And lower...
Kissing the mountains...

 The sun is starting to say goodnight with a glow behind the

Another sweet gift in life.

A gigantic Thank You to Mother Nature!

As they say, "red sun at night sailors delight".

Tomorrow will be a delight for surfers, sailors, kite surfers
and perfect for me to work with my roses.


Gregory said...

Missy, you are quite the photographer.

Alicia said...

I love this blog.
These are very interesting pictures. The sun looks like
a spaceship landing.
You always have very pretty pictures. I always look forward to checking your blog.

Chris said...

This series of photos are great. Love going from day to night. From Kite Surfers to sunset, I wish I were there now.