Blooming Rose

Blooming Rose

Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Olivenhain Grove Sale Event

Good morning! I don’t know about you but I am having a lazy Sunday morning.

Yesterday I drove down the coast to the Olivenhain Grove Sale. It turned out to be an
absolutely lovely day. The sale event was set up by Gail of Casual Loves Elegance (I’m
sure you have all been following her lovely blog) on her beautiful property. It was such a
treat to walk among the lemon groves on such a pretty spring morning.

There were so many wonderful artists displaying their many talents and antiques..
I arrived early and met up with a friend and we just took our time and wandered
around to every booth and enjoyed talking with everyone.

There were so many talented vendors but I will only have time to name a few in this I said, I am having a very lazy Sunday morning. Before I go any further I want
to mention that I was having problems with my camera. I had just replaced the battery
and somehow, without me knowing, it had automatically changed all my settings.
Unfortunately, the pictures are all fuzzy but I wanted to show them anyway because the
women are all so beautiful and so much fun. I have since found the problem and reset the
settings. My apologies for the fuzzy photos.

The lovely Christie Repasy was there to display her beautiful and romantic floral art from
her Chateau De Fleurs(another popular site/blog). Christie was wonderful to talk with,
and lots of fun. Her roses are so well known.  I forgot to mention to her that I have an
original of hers that was given to me several years ago. I love it and it is hanging in the
hall near my bedroom. There is something about her art that is both beautiful and peaceful.

I also had a lovely conversation with Shirley Castellanos from The Cottage In The Garden.
She has beautiful Vintage Linens. Her bloomers are so much fun and her shirts and
designs are delicate and fabulous. She has amazing creations of linens and laces.

Lynn Russell had a beautiful display with lots of wonderful silver pieces. She is so
knowledgeable and so interesting to learn from. She is a wonderful designer.

Pam from White Ironstone Cottage had her lovely "whites" on display. Charming! 
Her collection is wonderful. She and Gail are so much fun and very lovely and kind.
They had so many interesting things to choose from. Gail has so much energy.
She even had a vintage Mercedes for sale! Just to let you know how kind she is, she
even asked me if I needed some sunscreen for my cheeks. I’m very fair and tend to
turn pink quite quickly. I was fine, and so impressed with her thoughtfulness.

Cathryn Rinkel and Judy Kirk were showing their Vintage Rustica. So pretty and fun
to see quotes on unsuspecting places. And birdhouses that are absolutely charming.

These are just a few of the people who made it such an enjoyable day. They are all so
talented and so lovely and it was such a pleasure to meet each and every one of these
gifted artists.

I hope they do this again in the not so distant future...once they get their energy back...
because it was a lovely way to spend a day.

Again, I apologize for the fuzzy photos and will make it up to these beautiful girls next time.

Thank you to all of them...we had a great time!

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chateau de fleurs said...

Thanks for stopping to visit with me.It was nice to meet you. Good luck with your lovely blog. Christie