Blooming Rose

Blooming Rose

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Time Just Seems To Fly...

As the year is drawing to a close, I have been reflecting on my blog and all the fabulous
friends I have made both in real life and in blogland.  From the bottom of my heart I thank
you all for your support and friendship.

In my reflecting I decided to show a few of my posts from this past year which have
encouraged me to go forward with new and creative ideas.  I hope you will enjoy the

This post was called I Just Couldn't Help Myself and truer words were never spoken.
I love peonies and I love silver and adore the combination...

I so enjoyed my visit to the Remnants of the Past sale earlier in the year.  I was able to
spend some time with some of my favorites like Atelier De Campagne, 3 Fine Grains and
A Beautiful Mess Antiques...(Links to all are found within my link)

On A Beautiful Hot Summer Day was such a lovely day .  As you know by
the name of my blog, I love roses and a visit to Roger's Garden was absolutely the perfect
way to spend a hot summer day.  The only thing I like better are my own roses but this
was the perfect introduction to Roger's Garden because they not only have beautiful
gardens but a wonderful art gallery and gift shop...

Fields of Lavender was a very special day. Jermaine from French-Kissed and I spent
some wonderful time in the lavender fields and then had a lovely lunch followed by a
visit to the lavender festival in Ojai, California. (Again, links within my link)

The post Violets for Valentines was a chance to share with you the lovely violet plates
my mom gave to me many years ago.  I love them and they are perfect with chocolate
heart shaped tea cakes...

I am always up for going to Country Roads Antiques and a visit with Sue...(Again, link
within my link)

It's always good to see the wonderful Alpacas and this last time I was able to purchase
some yarn that came from a wonderful alpaca named Yuletide.  I now have two lovely
scarves that I have made from Yuletide's wool...

**You can see links to all blogs and places I have mentioned by clicking on my link that
will take you to their links.**

I wish you all a very, very Happy New Year with an abundance of happiness,
good health and prosperity.


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Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita said...

It's truly been a year of beauty visiting you! I know your knee slowed you down this year, but I so enjoyed it when you got a chance to post. I'm looking forward to a lot more Blooming Rose this year! All the best to you and yours in 2012! xoxo

LaPouyette said...

Oh, Susan, yes - time passed by like ???? My first blogging year and it feels like I've just started...., and yet, met virtual so many lovely people from allover the world.

And I'm more than pleased to met you via the blogworld! You certainly know that I like very much your blog. Your today's post-review - what can say... you've chosen my images of my favorite posts!

I would love to send you for the New year something from the German poets Goethe or Schiller - but because in German language....might would be difficult for you to read/understand, mildly spoken...

But you may like this:
"Surely there is something in the unruffled calm of nature that overawes our little anxieties and doubts; the sight of the deep blue sky and the clustering stars above seems to impart a quiet to the mind" (Jonathan Edwards)

All my bet wishes for you and yours for 2012! Happiness and Good Health!

Warmest greetings,

NanaDiana said...

What fun to look back and see all the different things you touched on this year. I LOVE the peonies and silver~~~OH MY~~~so beautiful.

Happy New Year to you- I am looking forward to many more posts from you in 2012. xo Diana

Anonymous said...

Wishing you a healthy & happy new year ~~
May all your dreams come true in 2012. I look forward to visiting you in the new year.
Hugs Rosemary...xx

A Cozy Cottage in the City said...

How delightful to look back at your various posts! I have enjoyed your friendship this year! I look forward to your lovely posts for 2012! Happy New Year to you, dear friend!


Pondside said...

Happy New Year!
I love, love, love the silver and peony - it does something to me - makes my heart flutter. When I have peonies I always put the in a silver trophy bowl and I could look at them all day!

Privet and Holly said...

Happy New Year,
sweet friend! I
remember {and
enjoyed!} each and
every one of these
posts : ) Thank you
for being such a
wonderful blogging
friend. Perhaps we
will have the chance
to meet in 2012. May
the next twelve months
bring you nothing but

xx Suzanne

Love of the Sea said...

Happy New Year! Love your posts. Especially the Fields of Lavender and the Alpacas. Such beautiful and gentle animals. Hope you had a wonderful holiday season and Happy New Year. Hard to believe another new year has started.

French-Kissed said...

Dear Susan,

the absolute best part of this whole blogging experience has been to connect with new friends...kindred spirits...and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to get to know you...hoping for many wonderful new adventures with you in the New Year...wishing you great health and happiness.


Rose West said...

A Happy New Year to you! I for one have enjoyed reading your blog in 2011 and looking forward to more in 2012 :)

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

You've shared so many interesting posts with us this year! I love seeing the fields of lavender...I've never seen one! And the alpacas are amazing! Happy New year my friend! ♥

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

Your blog is so lovely! I really enjoy all your share with us. And I love the posts you've highlighted!!

Here's to lots of gorgeous roses this summer in 2012!


Tricia said...

Happy New Year to you, Susan. I remember so many of these posts...the past year seems to have went by so quickly hasn't it? I look forward to visiting more with you in the coming year and hope that 2012 brings you only joy :)

Mary said...

Time does seem to fly by! I love the recap of your posts~ I hadn't seen your gorgeous peonies...swoon! They are absolutely one of my favorite flowers! Wishing you & your family all the best in 2012!

Mary said...

Oh I love seeing your recap~ your lavender post was SO beautiful and such a treat since it does NOT grow well here. I loved seeing your peony post too! I'm looking forward to your wonderful posts and wishing you all the best in 2012!

Liz said...

It was a great year in blog-land. :)
I think I loved the post about the Llamas the BEST! Those are just the sweetest things!

Have a great week!