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Blooming Rose

Monday, December 12, 2011

Fire & Ice, Neptune's Bounty, O Holy Night & More...

Well, I am embarrassed to say that it is two weeks before Christmas and I haven't even
begun to decorate or wrap gifts.  Yikes!  But you see, I have been working long hours
and have also had the flu so I am way behind in preperations.  I guess I had  better get a
move on this week!
Anyway, because I am not prepared to show you my decorations(they will be very simple
because I will be going out of town for Christmas), I wanted to show you the beautiful
decorations and trees at Rodger's Gardens.  They took my breath away.  It all started
with the entrance and being greeted by the lovely statue above.

From there we were greeted by beautiful wreaths...

Being a lover of roses this was my favorite...

The secret is to always look up.  In this case for some carolers...

After walking past the carolers I entered the room and still looking up I saw more
wonderful wreaths. This time with some antlers...

My neck was beginning to hurt but there was still more looking up to see for these
wonderful silhouettes...

And then my attention was caught by a spectacular tree decorated in all crystal and
cranberry glass, mostly etched.  They named it Fire & Ice and that is the perfect name
for such an exquisite tree.  I only wish Christmas trees photographed better because
this tree is truly spectacular...

Beautiful etched cranberry glass...

I spent lots of time looking at each and every ornament.  Well, maybe not each and every
ornament because the trees are all over 20 feet tall.

I'm going to break this tour up into a couple of posts because I don't want to send you into

The next tree is all about honoring the sea.  A fabulous tree and the decorations are so much
fun.  The name of the tree is Neptune's Bounty...

O Holy Night is the golden tree celebrating the religious meaning of Christmas. Another
absolutely exquisite tree...

Next to the tree is a larg cupboard filled with ornaments and other religious decorations
for Christmas...

Angels everywhere...

I will save the rest for another post.  I have a confession to make, I took all of these photos
last October when the decorations first went up.  The garden shop was already very
crowded with people anxious to see the beautiful display Rodger's Gardens has every year. 
I went back this past weekend and the trees were almost empty.  I think everyone was so
very impressed with this year's display and just had to take a few things(maybe lots of things)
home with them.  As I said, I will show you a few more trees next time but if you want to go
to Rodger's Gardens site they have a lovely slideshow to share with you.

I hope you are all enjoying the season.

I am joining Privet and Holly for Monday Moments.


Acquired Objects said...

Wow Susan that really looks like a fabulous place to get ideas and ornaments.

Take care of yourself you're really having a tough time of it health wise this year.

Wishing you the very best!

Kathysue said...

gorgeous gorgeous! The fire and ice tree is amazing! I can only imagine how beautiful it was in person. The silhouettes were my favorite,
Merry Christmas,

Blooming Rose Musings said...

Thanks, Debra. Actually I'm really very healthy. I just happen to have the flu because everyone at work has had it and it finally caught up to me. The only other thing was knee surgery a few months ago but that's from an old injury. You are so sweet and I appreciate your kindness. Fortunately, I am a very healthy person. Take care.

Linda in AZ * said...


ANNNND, I am SO in agreement with KATHYSUE re the fire & ice tree......scrumptious!!!

Many thanks,
Linda in AZ *

Tricia said...

Wowza, that's quite the Christmas display. I can't get over all the ornaments on those trees. My favorites though are all the silhouettes.

Olive Cooper said...

You are right this place is special and lovely. The wreaths are wonderful and I think I like the plaid one the best. The tree is just about the one with the most sparkle I have ever seen. I hope you have recovered from the flu. Do take care of your self. Thanks for liking my tree which really is so simple this year. And I love your comments. Have a happy, happy Christmas. Olive

Sally Lee by the Sea Nautical Cottage said...

So much Christmas loveliness. I love Neptune's Throne!! :O)

Happy holiday hugs,

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita said...

what a beautiful tour! Hope you're feeling better! I just came from the doctor where I learned that the cold that would not end is actually an upper respiratory and a sinus infection. Always something, isn't it? Plugging away at Christmas here. More wrapping tomorrow. And then just a few more things I am ordering on line. (Bless whoever came up with Amazon Prime!)

Privet and Holly said...

WOW, WHAT a place!
We could have some fun
shopping there together : )
The fire and ice tree was
particularly amazing!

Sorry to hear that you've
been busy and dealing with
the flu. Having been through
that recently, I can really

Thank you for linking up
these beautiful moments at
Rodger's Gardens. I can see
why you wanted to photograph

xx Suzanne


The rose wreath is stunning.


*hopping over from Privet and Holly

Sue said...

It's fun to decorate vicariously through a store's trees and wreaths! Such pretty things here, that is for sure. The fire and ice tree is beautiful. hmmm.... maybe I should consider a red tree in addition to all my others! LOL
Hope you can get some holiday decorations up - there's still time to enjoy them! Merry, Merry and thanks for visiting me! ~ Sue

Mary said...

I have Rodger's Gardens envy! I ordered some collectible ornaments from them a few years ago. I would hyperventilate if I had the chance to visit in person! So many gorgeous things under roof...not to mention the floral & plant beauty! Hope you're feeling better~ the flu is bad anytime of year but especially in December!

Melissah from Country Style chic said...

Love all the gorgeous Christmas inspiration!

classic • casual • home said...

These shots are GREAT! I wanted to make it back over to Rogers...oh well after Christmas (sales?).

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I love a touch of red in all of my Christmas things so the wreaths are my favorite! And the Neptune tree is fabulous, too! WOW! So much to see! Happy holidays! ♥

Anonymous said...

Spectacular trees! So glad there is a continent between us, or I would have to break my vow to NOT BUY anymore Chrismas ornaments! I cannot stuff one more on my tree!

Masha said...

These are really nice decorations, thank you for the pictures. I am sorry you had the flu, I hope you are feeling better. Have a wonderful time on your trip, merry Christmas!

LaPouyette said...

Beautiful post, wonderful images - just simply magic! Would love to have a place like this here in our region and walking through it I would feel like being in a wonderland!

Thank you so much for your wishes for Oskar, he is slowly recovering but will still need full daily intention for the next 6 weeks, hopefully not longer :) :)

All my best wishes for the Holidays and
Merry Christmas!

Red Rose Alley said...

Your decorations are beautiful, and I just love the red wreath. Do I see red roses on that wreath? Happy New Year to you!
~Sheri at Red Rose Alley