Blooming Rose

Blooming Rose

Saturday, June 26, 2010

A Visit To Chateau De Fleurs

Last weekend my friend “J” and I drove down to very southern California to go to the
Chateau De Fleurs sale.  Artist Christie Repasy hosted a lovely event at her new home
and studio. My friend picked me up at 6am that morning, which meant I was up at 4am
to feed and walk the dogs and take care of my cat. I was in such a rush to leave my
house that I left my camera behind! I couldn’t believe it!  That camera is always
attached to me, but it seems this one morning it missed the trip. I was so upset but I
wanted to at least tell you about her wonderful sale on my blog because it was a
fabulous event!

I found several treasures for friend’s birthdays and my own enjoyment (of course!).
In fact, the next day I gave a friend a vintage french art book that she had been eyeing
and I included one of Christie’s beautiful bookmarks with the book. My friend was
more thrilled about the bookmark than she was about the book!  And rightly so!
Wait until some other friends see what they have coming for their birthdays...they will
be over the moon! Thanks to the lovely and very talented Christie Repasy’s art work,
they are in for a treat!

There were several vendors.  All very talented and with a wonderful assortment of things
to choose from.  Business was brisk and everyone was having a wonderful time.

Please visit Chrisie's beautiful site  HERE .  You can see some of her exquisite art work
and read her blog.  Enjoy!

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Jeremy said...

I wish I could have been gone with you. Sounds wonderful.